About Us

The Healing Center is a holistic concept that seeks to balance the mind, body and soul using spiritual and natural healing practices.

We offer you the space and guidance to connect with your inner self, perceive the world in a different way, and reach a deep sense of peace and happiness within.

We are here because we deeply believe in the power of natural healing. Our practitioners and coaches have experienced the effectiveness of this approach in their own inner transformation, and feel the desire and responsibility to share the methods that have helped them grow and heal.

It is through our personal experience that we are able to bring so much heart into our healing sessions. We came together with the shared belief that positive change is possible for anyone seeking it, and that it is within our power to shift our mindset to reach a happier and more fulfilled life.

We created this online healing space so that you can access our extensive range of holistic therapies no matter where you are in the world. Whether you choose to book an individualized one-on-one session, or join a group class, you will receive the highest quality treatment and service, with the added benefit of being in the safety and comfort of your own home.

We are committed to you and to our community, and we will keep on working towards building a better environment for your transformation, to support you every step of the way.

Company official name is THE HOLISTIC CONCEPT FZCO

Location: IFZA Dubai - Building A2, Unit 101

Phone Number: +96171555301

Our Approach

We believe that true health is achieved only once the body, mind and soul are working together in harmony. These aspects are intimately interconnected and cannot be seen as separate parts. Any disturbance or suffering in one area of your being will naturally put the others off balance and affect you as a whole. Therefore we focus our efforts on bridging the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of yourself to bring you into a state of alignment. Our highly trained and caring holistic providers encourage and use this integrative approach to nurture this energy of harmony and bring balance back into your life. It is our priority to ensure you feel safe, supported, and nurtured, while we guide you and hold the space for your inner healing and growth.


The mind is where we process our thoughts, ideas, feelings and emotions. When working with the mind, we address the elements that affect and shape our mental and emotional states.

Through different practices, we can train the conscious mind to actively shift its thinking and reasoning processes into a direction that is more supportive and self-serving. We can also access the subconscious mind to find hidden limiting beliefs, emotions, and memories that may be blocking our growth and happiness. We then focus on re-wiring our beliefs to overcome these limitations, and to step out of our harmful patterns.


Our physical body is the vehicle that allows us to experience life and the world around us. For that reason, we must treat our body with care and keep it healthy.

Through movement, breathing, and other tools we connect deeper to the body, and release tension, stress, and traces of trauma that have built up within our cells. In addition, proper nutrition and use of natural remedies will give the body the support and vitality it needs to function optimally.


The soul is the key to our humanity and individuality. Unlocking blockages of the soul will help you see and understand yourself with a newfound clarity, allowing you to overcome personal and professional challenges, and excel in life. Healing the soul will ignite your sense of purpose and will give you a sense of being connected to something greater than yourself. Raising your frequencies and opening up blocked chakras to open up channels in your soul, opens up your connection with the universe to connect and live at peace achieving your goals.



Our Mission is to provide a pathway to holistic practices, that nurture, support, and encourage the natural healing abilities that exist within us. We aim to inspire and influence a better state of wellbeing amongst the people in our community, and hope to reach every person in need of healing.



Our vision is to raise and elevate the collective consciousness of the world by contributing to individual awakenings. The shift into a collective awakening begins with personal transformation and evolution as individuals connect deeper with themselves and strengthen their connection with the universe.